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When we started

YWAM Media Village Nigeria was poineered  by Anne and Alex Abok in 2005 with the burden of rebuilding the broken walls of Nigeria, Africa and the World. We believe that the transformation of our media landscape through a biblical approach is key to our national reformation. Poverty, trafficking in persons, corruption, religious intolerance unemployment, poor leadership, and the pandemic of HIV/AIDS etc have broken down our walls. We as Christians have the mandate to use media as a great tool of influence towards rebuilding these broken walls.


Be the best Christian media-training and production institution in Nigeria, with high recognition and influence around the world, a strong voice for the voiceless and a place of Christian growth.

Our Mission

The mission of Media village Nigeria is to equip the  youth with cutting edge skills in the realm of mass media, which they can use to transform society according to God’s principles.

Our Strategy

Anne and Alex Abok

Media Village Nig. at a Glance

a. Discipleship and training of future leaders with excellent skills in mass media, rooted in a solid biblical worldview, which they can use as tools for nation building.
b. We run professional productions with Godly messages of value, hope, reconciliation, and redemption.

c. We project Films and T.V. programs that will create a positive impact on national concerns and to amplify the voice of truth that echoes hope for the future of Nigeria.
d. Since the work of the rebuilding a nation is a collective task, we network with organizations that are committed towards moving this great nation forward.

Our Goals

We will earnestly and persistently try to achieve this goal by:

  • Encouraging our teaching staff to improve their personal standard of education.

  • Challenging students to creative and academic excellence.

  • Providing good facilities and teaching equipments that are of the highest industry standard and train students with methods that are innovative, practical, creative and solid grounded in a biblical worldview.

  • Striving to develop solid partnerships with more mission organization, training institutions and international organizations.

  • Setting standards of creative and academic excellence in both personally and professionally.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Our Core Values for Training & Producdtion

Our vision will be achieved if we commit to the following values:

Biblical foundation: Our training and production is based on biblical foundation that encourages the individual to a personal relationship with God, where their purpose in life can be align with the vision of the institution and fulfillment implemented.

Excellence: We will provide trainings and productions that are committed to excellence. Our graduate need to be equipped with practical cutting edge skills that will successfully integrate them in mission through media or industry.

Reliability: We will be committed to the promise we make to our clients or students. They can rely on us to provide the agreed product and service on time and according to specification agreed upon.

Ethics: Our trainings are in line with the University of the Nations (UofN) Values and guidelines. Our production reflects the values of ethical and responsible journalism and storytelling which will provide better media.

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