Discipleship and empowerment

- We are bringing support and Gods healing to youths affected by boko haram attacks, thereby regain the whole person (spirit, soul and body). This is actually securing the future of North Eastern Nigeria because the youths are the future of any society, which is why in YWAM we champion them.

- Regaining the missionary efforts over decades that has been destroyed in the North Eastern Nigeria.

our strategy

- Discipling and equiping internally displaced youths from North Eastern Nigeria.

- Discipleship traing School; lecture phase, (trauma counselling) and field assignment for 6months

- Computer Training School (Diploma in Computer Applications) for 6months

Graduation of Computer Training School for IDP's 7th May, 2017.The first batch of the computer school from October 30th, 2016 to 30th April, 2017 successfully finished 6mönths in computer applications and graduated on the 7th May, 2017. 7 students graduated and were empowere with a computer each to be self reliant

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Lecture times with Mr. Len from Canada, Sandra and Emmanuel